VIDEOPRESS is a pioneer in Digital Cinema and it is the only company that has a Reference Screening Room for DCP.


The room can host up to 15 spectators and it offers an experience with ideal image and sound. It is equipped with state-of-the art technology, it satisfies all modern specifications and it incorporates them in its system (DCI, SMPTE).
The great BARCO 12C leads the way in the field of images while a multi-channel DOLBY DIGITAL system, which can take on particularly large loads, handles the sound.  What is more, we have an XPAND 3D system.

Note that the term “Reference” has been given because the screening room has meet the international sound & vision criteria.
Also, all the necessary measurements for color, brightness, fidelity and level of sound have been made for optimum and accurate result.
With the current specifications, the room can satisfy the needs of Greek and foreign productions as far as Coloring and Grading are concerned.